Evil awaits.

To one person, you may be the world, but to a dragon, you're delicious.

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Eveil Expo 2020 comes to New Jersey!  It’s the best place in the world for those who love  villains and villainy of all kinds!

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Evil Expo 2020:
A celebration of joyous villainy!

Here you’ll find some of the most exciting discussions, incredible meetups with fantastic beings, a variety of costume and cosplay contests, exhibitors, tabletop games, and all the ingredients of an incredible Convention for Villains!

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What is this show? It’s a home for everyone who loves the villains of the world, for everyone who loves to watch, write, cosplay, game, read about, create, and enjoy fictional villainy in all of its myriad forms.  We have a fantastic cast of panelists, speakers, entertainers, DJs, musicians, characters, and personalities of all sorts to delight, enthrall, and entertain you right at your fingertips.

Why Villainy?

It comes naturally, of course.

Welcome to Evil Expo, one of the world’s great celebrations of the enthralling world of rogues, miscreants, ne’er do wells, and other (in)glorious scoundrels.

All ages are welcome; as Darth Vader points out, it’s never too early to learn the Dark Side. 

January 24-26th, 2020

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Call The Radisson of Piscataway, 732-980-0400.
New Jersey, USA