The original convention for Villains, Villainy, and Villainpunk!

Evil Expo: Splendidly Summer Spectacular!

July 30th-August 1st at the Alloy Hotel of King of Prussia – in-person AND online!

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What is Evil Expo?

The original convention for Villains, Villainy and Villainpunk – the boundless, limitless imaginary genre which lets you take your favorite fandoms and worlds and bring them to life through the most fascinating characters of all: The Villains!

You can experience Evil Expo In-Person Or Online – either right at the lovely Alloy Hotel, King of Prussia, or remotely from the comfort and safety of your home or evil lair! Don’t miss it! Get tickets right here!

Evil Vendors & Entertainment

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Visitors & Honored Guests

Delve into the exciting genre of villainpunk with the original con that started it all. 

Evil Expo Online

ALL-ONLINE VIRTUAL EVENT with LIVE performances and shows!


Newest Vendors

Herr Doktor von Vrilock

Keep the magick high! What I bring How I came to be the wraith of Doktor Vrilock. And why you […]

Latest Entertainment

Lady D

The Necromacy Witch You Just Can’t Resist! What to expect A Presentation on everyday Necromancy – how to use this […]

Professor Elemental is Awesome!

Chap-hop’s leading exponent! What he brings PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL’S REASONS TO BE WHIMSICALThere’s no going out. You can’t escape. So I’m […]

Pyro Sadist

Got Fire? What I bring Fire performances Who I am Brian AKA Pyro Sadist has been in the scene for […]

Panels & Panelists

Cynthya BrianKate

If it is weird scary or obscure you will find Cynthya BrianKate researching it What I bring Panelist and discussion […]

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